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Storage and Handling of Hay

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-Handling of hay is becoming a big concern when considering baling hay.

-Both the large and small bale system have a labor saving device called a bale accumulator. This accumulator takes the bales produced by the baler and lays the hay bales down in groups. The bales can then be picked up by the groups and later stacked.

-The round bales can be picked up by machinery with a spear or forks and be brought to the desired location.

-Storage can play a major factor of what bale system a operator uses. The small square bales can be stacked in the tops of barns making them more able to be stacked in smaller locations. The large round bales and large square bales need larger areas to be stacked limiting the operators options.

Small Square Bale Accumulator Large Square Bale Accumulator
Loading Semi with Small Bales Tractor Handling Attachment Skid Loader Handling Attachment